How To Formulate Digital Marketing Strategy for B2B and B2C Flower Business

If you want to do digital marketing for a flower business, it is extremely important to understand the distribution channel for a flower business. A distribution channel is a path by which all flowers must travel to reach the consumer in a chain. The marketing message changes if we are doing B2B or B2C.

  1. Business-to-business (B2B): These are transactions that involve Selling products or Services to Companies the large volume purchase. To have a business-to-business transaction its needs strategy, proper planning and follow up and negotiation, it aims to accomplish long-term goals. The relationship must nurture through professional interactions before the sale. B2B marketing is a little more complex, the purchase is of high volume that makes customers more careful in their choice of providers. B2B is based on a longer-term relationship.
  2. Business- to consumer(B2C): Is transactions involve selling products and services to the final consumer/individuals. The company will sell the product for final use for the consumer. The volume of buying and selling is limited. The marketing message is directed to the consumer. Marketing messages are mostly based on emotions.

Understanding Flower Industry for Digital Marketing:

Understanding Flower Industry for Digital Marketing:
Understanding Flower Industry for Digital Marketing
  1. Grower: Growers grow the various variety of flowers on large scale. They also, market directly with their in-house sales and marketing team or use another channel to marker cut flowers, flower seeds, and seedlings, bulb growing, etc. The ideal customer for Growers is Importers, sending flowers to Auction or selling it to the big wholesaler. This is a B2B transaction.
  2. Importers: Importers in the flower industry sourced flowers bulk across the world. And resell them to Wholesalers and supermarkets. This is the B2B model.
  3. Auction House: Auction Hose is a digital b2b marketplace. Where growers can showcase their product, and the buyer can buy. The platform offers Ordering, payment, delivery, services through the platform. With its high-volume buying and selling, buyers resell the flowers they purchase from auction to their clients.
  4. Wholesalers: The wholesale florists buy the flowers in bulk from importers or auction at the best price and selling to a retail florist, and event florist. They sort and repack all the flowers received according to their orders and resell them in smaller quantities.
  5. Retail Florist/ Event Florist / Super Market: Retail florist, event florist, and supermarket sell flowers directly to the final consumer. This is a B2C transaction.
Flower Digital Marketing Channel
Flower Digital Marketing Channel

Depending on your flower business is B2B or B2C your target audience will be different, and your marketing strategies must therefore adapt to this reality. But what strategy to adopt and in what situation? This is the question we will answer in this article so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

The visitor that visits the website is seeking information about your product and services. It is important to have a user interface design website. Easy to navigate. And the website has all the key information’s the visitor is looking for and great content. B2B buyers do their research before purchasing from you. B2B buyers are more demanding and looking for a true long-term relationship with their supplier and purchasing process is longer.

If you are in the B2B category of flower business the combination of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get free traffic and search Engine Marketing (SEM) use of Google AdWords is a must to get paid traffic to your website. SEO can be achieved with articles, blogs, and great content on social media pages.

The content has emerged as the center for great digital marketing. B2B marketing must focus on offering solutions to problems faced by the client in the flower business being it related to supply chain or logistics, delivery days and timing and quality of flowers, or the documentation requirement of the flower business. The marketing efforts must center around how your company solves all these pain points also a consistent supply of good quality flowers.

The use of Social media such as Facebook and Instagram pages is a great way to engage and with your client and to create brand awareness.

If you are in the B2C category of the flower business create Facebook and Instagram Pages. Daily posting of your flower arrangements on Facebook and Instagram is a great way to connect with a client base. These help not only creating brand awareness but generating leads and getting business.

Google AdWords campaign with the right keywords helps in sending traffics to your site and generates sales.

A good e-commerce website is a must, easy to navigate and select and close the sale.

Create a YouTube channel teaching various techniques of flower arrangements and DIY bouquets to your clients helps in brand awareness.

Create a blog around flower care and techniques, or about floral products help in SEO.

The differences in the purchasing process of B2B and B2C impact the marketing strategy and content strategies of companies, as final target consumer they seek are different.

Hope this article helps you to formulate your floral Digital marketing strategy better.

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Flower Digital Marketing Channel
Flower Digital Marketing Channel


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