Being Indian I have never heard of Hassan Morshedy or any other Egyptian businessmen. But life has a strange way of introducing people in your life to know them, admire them, and learn from their journey because there is so much wisdom in it.

It’s 17th March 2021 late-night scrolling through Instagram I came across Aly Osman live Instagram The Talk with Hassan Morshedy and it hooked me in spite of the fact that 70 percent of the talk was in Arabic and I don’t know Arabic but still it is one of the most amazing conversations I heard in recent times.

Who is Hassan Morshedy? He is an Egyptian Real Estate tycoon, His project skyline is in the Guinness book of world record for the world largest housing society building. He is a professional Athlete, Oxford, and Harvard Alumni and a very well-read person. He is on the cover of a various business magazine like Forbes and other. Here are some takeaways from Hassan’s Journey of Life.

1.Self Esteem and Confidence :
you can achieve anything in life if you have high self-esteem and confidence in yourself and being persistent. Hassan was an introverted kid. He has encouraged people to play sports to build self-esteem and confidence. Sports such as martial arts, kickboxing helps to achieve great focus, discipline, and winners mindsets. teambuilding and collaboration boost self-esteem and confidence.

2.Self Reflection:
No matter where we have studied and how successful we are we all face a point in our life when we felt a little lost and search for deeper questions purpose of life and what we want. Hassan says it’s ok to have this feeling. We should take time to reflect and set our priorities right. Talking about one such incident Hassan says he had locked up himself in a room for a week. He reflects upon his life; makes a list of things he wanted to do, things he wants to achieve for his business, and things he loves doing. He even created a list of things he hates and doesn’t want to do.

3.Be Grateful for What You Have:
Hassan understands that he comes from a privileged background. And he acknowledges respect and gratitude for what he has his dad is his role model. He learns the fundamental of l7fe and businessmen from his father Mohammed Morshady, a hardworking self-made man. Hassan aims to expand his father’s business many folds.

  1. Education:

Hassan gives great emphasis on education, for him, it’s not always about a great college degree but having mindsets of upgrading your skills and always learning from a great book, mentors, people around us. Never stop learning. His company is diversifying in the education sector and aims to bring world-class education to Egypt.

  1. Do Your Homework and Be Prepared:
    Hassan said the universe rewards those who had done their homework and are prepared. He advised young people who wanted to lunch startups to work in an organization with a similar business model. Learn in and out of the business. Always do market research to know your target audience and market segmentation. Come out of box ideas and solution exists in your market. If you had done enough research and homework you are prepared when an opportunity knocks on your door and you will grab it. If you are unprepared you will lose it.

Hassan is a thought leader with a clear vision and mission. He truly is an inspiration.

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