Matthias Mende An Entrepreneur On Way to Build a Lasting Legacy

Polish Born, German immigrant boy, and successful businessman living in Dubai Matthias Mende have come a long way from his humble beginning.

We all love success stories as they make us believe in our dreams, give us hope, and motivate us to work toward our goal. As Tony Robbins says, “success leaves clues”. We are going to love, admire, and learn from his story.

Mende started his entrepreneurial journey at eight years old kid. He was trading in the kinder surprises. At that young age, Mende comes up with an innovative way of collecting, buying, and selling them. He was a rebel kid. Mende never wanted to be part of the German job culture. While growing up, he has experimented with many things and sold different products on eBay and other selling platforms. Mende has started multiple businesses in his teenage that has great potential but could not scale up due to lack of mentorship. Every experience is a great teacher, and he learned from its different trends and got an understanding of how to benefit from them by moving promptly to rising trends.

Turning points

His life takes a turn and becomes all about cars when he watched the movie Fast and Furious. He had registered his first business and started a customized car business. And the selling of car parts. In 2006 His first encounter with Dubai was from his uncle’s web camera videos. The thing which gets him excited about Dubai was seeing so many supercars as the norm on the roads. He had done his research and talk with people, finally decided to come to Dubai with his customized car and, the rest is history and history in the making.


He has seen many ups and downs and gives great emphasis on trust. And this is the one thing that attracted him to the blockchain is it is a secure, transparent, decentralized mode of sharing data with zero chance of manipulation. He deeply invested his time and energy to understand the blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is a blockchain geek who is looking for better ways to apply technology. One of his start-ups is to recall the cryptocurrency wallet of the people who forget passwords and lost their wallet. He is an advisor to HYGH German-based company, which is Airbnb of outdoor advertising.

Some suggestion for the Entrepreneurs:

      1. Educate yourself. Education is a must.
      2. Research on your idea. Talk to people and get advice from the experts.
      3. Be aware of every aspect of your business and every detail of the project.
      4. Read all documents of business and understand the legal terms and business contracts.
      5. Make rational decisions as there are a thousand ways to fail. Take a calculative risk.

He gets involved in a Water Project that aims to provide drinking water to the people where it is not available. He wants to create a legacy and help people. Money and success are good, but for him, real fulfillment is to make people happy and make people smile and change their life for the better. He has a curiosity of a child, a heart of gold, and a pure soul. From kinder surprise to cars, to meeting Dubai Royals to blockchain to an advisor on various start-ups to Mande’s story is anything but inspirational.


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