Say No To Plastic Flowers

Indian floriculture industry comes together against the use of plastic flowers and demanded a ban on cheap imported plastic flowers. South India Floriculture Association more than two hundred growers gathered together at Banglore at Lalbagh Botanical Garden last month to distributed millions of fresh flowers to people to create awareness about the evil impact of plastic flowers and make them appreciate the beauty of fresh flowers.

South India Floriculture Association Members

Fresh flowers always have been an integral part of Indian culture. They are always in our festivals, functions, and prayers. Fresh flowers have been widely used in our temples, in marriages, they are worn by a woman as jewelry, given in gifts and use as a decorative piece at home.

Though the artificial-flowers were there for many years they were made of clay, wax, and fabric at the beginning but the entry of flowers made of plastic has changed the game of the industry because of their realistic blossoms, low price, easy maintenance, and durability.

Due to the large scale import of plastic flowers and dumping of cheap artificial plastic flowers, the Indian market is flooded with them. That shifted the fresh flower consumer to a cheap alternative available in the market.

Now the plastic flowers are widely used in our homes, at shops torran, offices, events and even at temples decoration on various festivals.   

We all know the bad impact of plastic on the environment. But the easy availability of plastic flowers in the Indian market has impacted the livelihood of small and large flower growers and chained the growth of the Indian floriculture industry which once upon a time was seen as a sunshine segment in Indian agriculture. Apart from export India has huge domestic demand for flowers which if tackle carefully will benefit the framers.

Lets save our country, our framers our plannet.

Let’s do our bit in reducing plastic pollution by consciously reducing our plastic usage, by planting a tree, by starting a vegetable garden by replacing plastic plants and flowers at our home, at our functions, with fresh flowers and real plants. The fresh flowers and plants not only beautify our surroundings but they make us feel better. The used of fresh flowers and plants will help our environment, our farmers our economy and help us to attain sustainable growth.

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