The Flower Council of Holland just created this brilliant campaign. The campaign aims to bring awareness of the importance and beauty of flowers for a society that is often too busy with work or other responsibilities outside our home.

“We Need More Flowers Campaign” has already begun in Europe! It started in Holland, UK, Germany then moved onto France on May 30th. This initiative hopes to spread the love by celebrating flowers themselves – bringing people together through their simple but elegant presence at both homes and public spaces alike.

The Flower Council of Holland is a foundation that aims to keep flowers and plants at the top of European consumers’ minds. They are funded by domestic and foreign growers, who are a member of Royal Flora Holland also funded by flower companies or other members of Royal Flora Holland like trading partners.

The core team of Flower Council of Holland is consists of creative marketing and communication specialists, campaign managers, supporting professionals. The goal is to ensure flowers and plants maintain an elevated spot on the consumers’ agenda.

How you present a flower can change the world! Flowers are so much more than just pretty pedals. They play an integral role in many aspects of our everyday lives, from beauty products to medicines and perfumes – not to mention their contributions during happy moments with friends or family members. And it’s no wonder why flowers have such great power over us; they’re beautiful, fragrant little bundles of joy that charm even the most cynical among us into giving them away on all occasions imaginable as gifts for ourselves and others alike.

Apart from TV commercials, the media plan will also include an online video for use on YouTube and in social media posts on Instagram and Facebook. You can use #weneedmoreflowers, and you can also use #funnyhowflowersdothat to find the relevant posts on your social media handles. You can download digital campaign posters to show your support for the campaign. You just need to credit @weneedmoreflowers and @funnyhowflowersdothat!


“We Need More Flowers” is a campaign to put flowers back into our lives. It’s about celebrating the beauty and wonder of flowers. With your help, the “We Need More Flowers” campaign can make a real impact on the flower industry in Europe by increasing demand. The more people who join, the stronger impact it can make on an industry. To be part of this initiative, flower industry stakeholders and retailers can join by using downloadable materials and spreading the word.

To find out more about how you can get involved, visit Flower Council Holland’s website.

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